If you wish to verify your eligibility for a visitor visa or your residence in your home country, you can mfa.gov.ct.tr/consular-info/missions-abroad/ visit a TRNC trade and tourism office in your home country via this link. cyprusscene.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/form-for-work-and-business-permision-1_combined.pdf (English) www.muhaceret.gov.ct.tr/Portals/132/yurttaslik%20calisma.pdf (Turkish) Other persons who could be considered sponsors are: TRNC citizens, residence permit holders, landing permit holders, student residence permit holders, and foreigners who have been legally working in the TRNC for at least one year. Right now. Yes. Good news about the new stay rules! Note: This type of residence permit only gives you the right to live in Northern Cyprus. It does not allow you to work there or start a business. For such a permit, you must apply for a work visa or other relevant permits The fee for a permanent residence permit is 2000 tl and for 2 annual confirmation is 250 tl. The residence permit is valid for a period of 1 year. It must be renewed every year according to the same procedure, but you will not be asked to repeat the hospital examination. Children under the age of 18 do not need a residence permit.

This is for adults only. Therefore, families moving into the TRNC only need to apply for a residence permit for adult family members. Non-citizens who give birth to a child in the TRNC must inform the embassy or consulate of their home country of the child`s birth, and as soon as this has been done and a corresponding letter has been received from the embassy or consulate. You must contact the district office (Kaymakamlik) of the area where you live to register the child`s birth. Becoming a citizen of Northern Cyprus is more complex. Citizenship is granted to all persons whose mother or father is Turkish Cypriot or who are married to a Turkish Cypriot. Currently, there is a new law in Parliament that allows foreigners to become citizens of Northern Cyprus after 10 years of residence in Northern Cyprus. Persons over the age of 60 and those wishing to retire in Northern Cyprus do not currently need a residence permit. For the latest rules and regulations, you can contact our offices. A permanent residence permit gives an alien the right to reside permanently in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and to enter and leave the TRNC freely.

Permanent residence depends on whether you continue to meet the requirements of the Residence Act, if you no longer meet the criteria, your residency can be revoked. 3. Do I have to move to Northern Cyprus after receiving my stay? If you have only received 6 months of residence on your previous application, but you have taken out 1 year of health insurance, your application will be immediately evaluated by the Ministry of the Interior. You will not be asked for an interview with the policy, as this is only required once a year and you do not have to pay for health insurance, as you still have about 6 months of health insurance coverage from your previous application. Once your application has been examined by the Ministry of the Interior, your new residence permit will be issued. Note: You will only receive a 6-month residence permit or a permit that expires on the day your health insurance expires. You will then have to apply for a temporary resident permit again, but this time you should get a 1 or 2 year permit. If you have already obtained a 1-year residence permit online, when you extend your temporary stay, you will be asked to perform the usual tasks of the residence permit, i.e. upload your documents, attend an interview with the police and pay for health insurance online. It is important that you know which stamp you have, as you will have to leave the country or apply for residency at the end of your visa (stamp).

By the way, all forms of residence permits (e.g. work permits) are considered equal under this regulation. Once you have applied, you will have no consequences if the visa expires before approval is approved. In fact, this is normal. Short-term residence permit on 23. In October 2019, new residence permits and visa regulations were introduced. Foreigners who wish to stay in the TRNC longer than the duration of their visa must apply for a temporary residence permit (and meet the conditions) if they are not legally allowed to stay in the country. EU rules are not enforced in northern Cyprus, so EU citizens must always follow the same residence procedure as other nationals. EU citizens do not automatically have a right to stay in Northern Cyprus, but when they enter Northern Cyprus, they automatically receive a three-month visa. However, this visa is not considered a work permit. If the three months are exceeded, penalties will be imposed and it is easy to get another 3-month visa by going abroad for less than a day, which is usually Turkey, for those who go through this procedure. Southern Cyprus is not considered to be leaving Northern Cyprus.

Many people do not stay in Northern Cyprus for more than 3 months at any time, so they do not have to apply for residency. However, for those who wish to stay in Northern Cyprus for more than 3 months at a time, a residence permit must be obtained. To achieve this, the immigration department of the local police station should be your first port of call. You must present the following documents to the police: 1) original passport and photocopy 2) If you have the title deeds in your name, the title deed (original) and photocopy. If you have purchased under a purchase agreement but have not yet received the title deeds, the contract is 01 sale (original) and photocopy. If you are staying in rented accommodation, the rental agreement (original) and photocopy. 4) A letter from your local village chief (muhtar, as they are called in Turkish) to say that you live in his village. This letter is called Ikametgah Belgesi in Turkish. You can usually find your muhtar in the middle of the village where you live near the local community building (Belediye).

5) Bank documents showing that you have a TRNC bank account that has sufficient funds or regular income to be able to support yourself in the TRNC without working. 6) 2 passport photos 7) 6 YTL stamps. The police will then direct you to the Nicosia city hospital, or now there are private clinics that can also do this work, for a health test. The test checks for infectious diseases such as HIV, hepatitis and tuberculosis and includes a blood test and chest X-ray. After the health test, you can inform the police and after a period of 21 days, you will be sent to the immigration office in Nicosia for the residence permit to be stamped in your passport. It is important to note that the residence permit only gives you the right to live in Northern Cyprus.