When Norton asked if Witherspoon knew how Trump`s speech sounded like hers, she simply shrugged and said, “I`m sure he`s just a big fan.” Jimmy Fallon found a clip in which he compares a Donald Trump opening speech with a speech by Reese Witherspoon published years ago in “Legally Blonde.” “That`s right, he`s better if he sticks to the script,” the actor said. Not so nice, right? We understand, however, it`s hard to see Trump giving the same speech as Elle Woods. Morton played an excerpt of the two speeches together and took the parts that seem eerily similar. Quotes like “We take our next steps in the world” and “It`s with passion, courage of conviction and strong self-confidence.” and Elle`s “We did it!” versus Trump`s “I did it.” During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, the host pulled out Trump`s speech and played it to the Big Little Lies actress against her own movie video, and they really seem to look alike. So what`s the matter? Did Trump call and at least ask permission? Not so much. Witherspoon attributed the similarities to fate. In a viral TikTok video of Truth Lies Shenanigans, the account that @tlsliveshow after the deal edits one of Donald Trump`s speeches with the speech that Reese Witherspoon`s character, Elle Woods, gives at the end of Legally Blonde when she and the rest of her class graduate from Harvard Law School. (Watch the video here.) The speeches are not identical, but there are many similarities between the messages and words Trump and Elle use. Perhaps this is why the TikTok has been viewed more than 2 million times and has received more than 500,000 likes.

Here`s how Truth Lies Shenanigans cut TikTok to show the similarities between Trump`s speeches and Elle. Donald Trump – or more likely his speechwriter – may have been inspired by Legally Blonde for the US president`s recent speech. We saw so many memorable moments on Jimmy Fallon`s “The Tonight Show.” This one in particular is memorable for so many reasons. While giving a speech at the school at Virginia Liberty University, Fallon couldn`t help but notice that the speech sounded a lot like something he`d heard in the past. The similarities were quite striking. Look at the comparison of Jimmy Fallon`s two speeches and decide for yourself. “In Trump`s defense, the legal blonde speech is pretty good.” “It was so funny! While it`s no surprise that Trump is legally plagiarizing a blonde, he`s just legally stupid. To see? So beautiful, isn`t it? Well, somehow – his face tenses up a little when it all starts. It`s hard not to react to the president like that. Harrison Ford, who was also a guest during the episode, was completely shocked after hearing the two speeches side by side. The video has nearly two million views on YouTube, so fans obviously had a lot to say about the video, which went completely viral after it was released on The Jimmy Fallon Show. In most cases, fans mocked Trump for the similarities between the two speeches.

Witherspoon appeared on The Graham Norton Show alongside Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie, and when Norton brought up the speech and said it sounded strongly like the speech of Witherspoon`s character, Elle, from the 2001 film, the Big Little Lies actress smiled and laughed and said, “It is.” Last May, President Donald Trump delivered opening remarks at Liberty University`s graduation ceremony. Aside from a few somewhat awkward moments, it attracted a lot of media attention thanks to a brilliant connection made by one of Jimmy Fallon`s writers between the president`s speech and one of the most iconic speeches of all time: Elle Woods` Harvard Law Graduation Address by Legally Blonde. On Friday, Reese Witherspoon finally had a chance to address the situation and she had a pretty perfect response. Although he did not intervene, many fans went to YouTube, joined him, and urged Trump to copy the speech. It seems Trump took notes the last time he caught a Legally Blonde marathon all day on TV. We do not blame him; It`s quite an inspiring speech. Although it sounds completely crazy and absurd, fans were amazed at how close the two speeches were. Sure, this is probably (hopefully) just a coincidence and not a plagiarism of Trump or his speechwriter, but it`s reminiscent of the time when Melania Trump was obviously “inspired” by one of Michelle Obama`s speeches. Elle Woods as president.

President Trump is accused of copying a legally blond speech, and the similarities are strange. Okay, Reese Witherspoon is officially way too nice. Remember that summer when Donald Trump gave a keynote speech at Liberty University and people said it reminded them of a speech by Elle Woods? Well, Reese Witherspoon thinks she knows why Trump stole her Legally Blonde speech. In the film, Elle says “It is with passion, courage of conviction… “, while Trump said in his speech: “Passion, courage in your convictions… ». As Jimmy Fallon pointed out on The Tonight Show this week, Trump`s keynote speech at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, this weekend bore similarities to Reese Witherspoon`s Harvard graduation speech in the film. And just as Elle shouts at the end of her speech, “We did it!”, at the end of Trump`s “I Did It,” he apparently said he was satisfied with his own efforts. Wherever we look, it seems like someone is copying someone else. Twitter criticized Dua Lipa`s clip, which seemed a little too close compared to Halsey`s previous work. The same goes for Meghan Markle, who reportedly studied and copied Princess Diana`s interview from the past. As they say, imitation is the best form of flattery, but in this case, it came in a very unlikely way for Donald Trump. Although Witherspoon, who played Elle in the 2001 romantic comedy, did not respond to the video, she celebrated former Vice President Joe Biden`s victory in November after he defeated Trump in the presidential election. In a Nov.

7 Instagram post, Witherspoon celebrated Biden as well as Vice President Kamala Harris, who was elected Vice President of the United States. Legally Blonde was established in July 2001. A sequel, Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde, premiered in July 2003. In October 2020, MGM Studios, which produced Legally Blonde, confirmed that a third film was planned for 2022. “Elle Woods is back! Legal Blonde 3 will be released in May 2022. We are terminating our case. #LegallyBlonde3 #ElleWoods @ReeseW,” the studio tweeted. RELATED – Fans Say Jennifer Lopez Has Been Copying Beyoncé for Years Let`s take a look back and look at exactly how it all happened. “Passion, courage in your convictions, above all, be true to yourself. I did it. Commenting on the case, Witherspoon said: “I`m sure he`s a big fan.” Harrison Ford also resonated hilariously, saying, “He`s really good if he sticks to the script.” “The Australian loses her mind while the three Americans sit there thinking these aren`t even Trump`s stupidest moments in the top 10.” But she did not want to persuade the teachers, who do not want children, to have hers or to condemn them.

She also strives to buy all the great books that tell complex and authentic stories about women, like Big Little Lies. Professor Stromwell: Personally, I am very honoured to introduce this year`s class representative. After a rather interesting start here at Harvard, she concludes today with an invitation to one of Boston`s most prestigious law firms. I`m sure we`ll see great things from him. Ladies and gentlemen: Elle Woods. Ms. Woods: On our first day at Harvard, a very wise professor quoted Aristotle, “Law is a reason free of passion.” Well, Aristotle is not offended, but during my three years at Harvard, I discovered that passion is a key ingredient in the study and practice of law – and of life. With passion, persuasion and strong self-confidence, we take our next steps in the world and remember that the first impression is not always good.