The private pension fund responded to the request in March 2021. According to them, there were inconsistencies: when the deceased applied for his disability pension, he stated that he was single and that his possible beneficiary in the event of death would be his mother, “who died two days before her son”. Porvenir then required, as a condition of the transfer of the pension, that the surviving dependant produce a court judgment recognizing the common-law conjugal relationship. All members of the Board of Directors have formally resigned from their positions, except, of course, those representing the Finance and Labour portfolios. In several cases, resignations have already been accepted and reported to the public. This is what happened with the three participants appointed by previous governments: Gilberto Quinche, former president of the ISS; Felipe Negret, liquidator of the ISS, among others, and Catalina Falquez, member of the board of directors since 2018. The Board of Directors of the Colombian Pension Administrator (Colpensiones) elected Jaime Dussán as the new President of the Colombian State Pension Administrator at an extraordinary meeting on Wednesday by Agreement 012 of 2022, and in the coming days he will take office before President Gustavo Petro. The new Board of Directors that elected him consists of three representatives of the President, including lawyer José Orlando Rodríguez Guerrero (new Chairman of the Board); a representative of the Ministry of Finance, Daniel Osorio, and Guillermo Rojas, representative of the Ministry of Labour. #PrimiciaW | Official: Former polo senator Jaime Dussán is the new president of @colpensiones. >> For more information on pension funds: The Colombian Constitutional Court has alerted pension and unemployment funds to the possibility that©they require those who have formed a de facto couple with a deceased person of the same sex to exceed the requirements to receive a survivor`s pension. Dussán is originally from Huila and was born in La Plata, Huila. He is currently Secretary General of the Poles Democrats, a political group of which he was twice president. Although delayed because several weeks have passed since he began to enter the rattle to occupy the presidency of Colpensiones, the decree appointing former senator of the democratic pole Jaime Duss will be ready and will be made public this Thursday, according to sources from the Casa de Nariã±o to SEMANA.

Juan Miguel Villa Lora (1982). President of one of Colombia`s largest and most recognized state-owned enterprises, Colpensiones 2021, an agency responsible for managing economic protection mechanisms for the age of millions of Colombians, such as pensions and other complementary social services, including the Periodic Benefits Program and the Social Protection Floor. The former congressman, former president of Fecode and the Democratic pole, Jaime Dussan, would be the next president of Colpensiones. His appointment to the position, which reports to the Ministry of Labour, would take place in the coming hours. The President of Colpensiones, Juan Miguel Villa, has also served as an independent advisor to other multilateral organizations and national and sub-national governments in Colombia, Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia. In this way, Dussán will be the helmsman of the company that manages billionaire resources because he is responsible for the pension system©known as the average premium. Dussan`s appointment would take place after the formation of the pension company`s new board of directors. The decision was strongly contested by politicians and alternative party activists, who ±praise “swallowing like a frog,” as suggested by Colombian politician and activist Antonio Morales. It is true that sometimes you have to swallow toads to change, but for Jaime Dussán, to be appointed director of Colpensiones will be to swallow a hippopotamus. The current president of Colpensiones, the company with the most retirees in Colombia, has led technology projects that, for example, have enabled Colpensiones to be a pioneer in electronic retirement and a fully online application system for this benefit, thus facilitating access to social security mechanisms for more Colombians. He graduated from the University of Surcolombiana in 1970 as a pedagogue and since then he has been practicing his profession in various municipalities of the department of Huila.

Semana learned that the head of Huila had been chosen by President Gustavo Petro, and the president made this known to democratic Poland through©his private secretary, Laura Sarabia. Dussan`s appointment raises doubts in the opposition, as he has to work hand in hand with the Ministry of Labour, headed by the head of this portfolio, Gloria Inãs©Ramãrez, and as well-known trade union figures, he raises concerns in the most traditional sectors, while some alternatives question the transparency and functionality of the former president of FECODE at the head of Colpensiones. The director of Colpensiones, Juan Miguel Villa, submitted his resignation to the highest position of the public savings fund on the night of Friday, July 22. Two weeks before the end of Iván Duque`s term, Villa sent his resignation letter to the outgoing president and also published this document on his social networks. Four years will soon have passed since he began his term as President of the Republic of Colombia. For me it is an honor since the 8th. November 2018 to be part of your team, when I swore before you to respect the Constitution and the law to follow your instructions as president of the Colombian administrator of Colpensiones pensions,” the letter reads. According to Semana, Villa will leave Colombia to settle abroad with his family.