Robyn first qualified as a Sponsor after completing a Bachelor of Real Estate Business, then started and completed a Bachelor of Laws while working as a trainee solicitor (in wills and estate planning) in Melbourne. Robyn was called to the bar in 2008. During his studies, he completed several legal internships at various Adelaide law firms as well as a bachelor`s position at an accounting firm. The combination of law and commerce has allowed Christos to have a competent understanding of business, real estate and commercial developments and leasing. Peter`s legal, interpersonal and problem-solving skills, combined with his exceptional drive and work ethic, have led him to rise through the ranks over the years and gain extensive expertise and experience to help a number of clients resolve legal issues arising from their business relationships. Melissa is a dedicated and approachable lawyer who is committed to building trusting relationships with clients. With years of ownership and transfer experience, enthusiasm, dynamism and initiative, Sophie provides valuable support to the firm`s transfer and legal teams. Van prides itself on providing diligent legal advice at all times and is passionate about helping a diverse clientele resolve even the most difficult commercial disputes. Van is very passionate about the law and ensures that clients are informed of the process throughout their case and works with clients to find the best possible solutions. Many individuals and businesses rely on their estate planning, tax accounting and legal issues.

In summary, with section 67 of the PCMLTFR, a law firm`s trust records do not need to be externally audited if the only trust money received or held by the law firm in a fiduciary year is one or both of the following: Zena`s real experience in industrial property is an asset for C+L`s orientation in real estate law, and assists us in our legal support and administrative functions. The PEXA source account is held by PEXA with an authorised depository institution within the meaning of the Banking Act 1959 (Cwlth) and the account is used by PEXA to receive and hold funds deposited in that account in order to settle a transfer transaction using the PEXA e-filing network. Let the Provey Conveyancing team advise you on the best choice for your investment portfolio. Our team deals with Sydney`s property market on a daily basis and can advise you on the right investment opportunities. We are trustworthy, highly experienced and knowledgeable. Contact us now to receive your free quote or advice on the next steps of your investment opportunity. We offer tailor-made accounting in the areas of corporate structures, estate planning and tax minimization. His work has taken him all over Australia and the UK (during a three-year stint at a London-based global firm), bringing a wealth of experience and practical understanding to his practice and our team. Its extensive networks, particularly in the legal and political sectors, have enabled a smooth transition in the legal fields of commerce, real estate and finance. We are Melbourne`s most trusted broadcast company now operating in Sydney In 2019, Robyn completed the Collaborative Practice Training at the Law Society of South Australia and is now qualified to practice in this alternative dispute resolution procedure.

Collaborative practice can be used in a number of different practice areas, but it is ideal for family litigation and allows families to avoid the financially and emotionally damaging court process. Evangelos, or “Van” for short, is an attorney at Commercial & Legal and joined our legal team in June 2020 after completing our articling at the end of 2019. If a law firm does not have its own escrow account and the funds provided by the buyer are deposited into the PEXA source account, these funds are recognized as power money because the law firm is authorized by the buyer to withdraw the funds in accordance with the buyer`s instructions. For Seller`s Counsel, funds received in the source PEXA Account will be paid under the authority of Seller`s Lawyer in accordance with Seller`s instructions. In both cases, the funds are then recognized as a power currency and therefore as fiat currency, for which an external audit report must be prepared each trust year, regardless of whether the company does not have its own trust account. Prior to joining C&L, Van articled at other private commercial law firms and worked as a student legal counsel in several pro bono legal departments. Mark also advises clients on all aspects of their business activities and brings the experience gained from serving on industry and not-for-profit boards, as well as working in a family business and acting as a trusted advisor to many clients over the years. He knows that while lawyers are often seen as finding problems, the real value for his clients is derived from the fact that he also finds the solutions.

We like to think of ourselves as innovators of something new. Our company began to feel that the industry needed new approaches in response to modern technological advances, and we wanted to incorporate these advances into our business. We appreciated the fact that Australians are progressive and forward-thinking people and that they, too, value both flexibility and convenience. We have intensified and developed a legalese-free system that reflects these values and beliefs in order to provide our online consumers with an accessible and efficient service. It is this aspect of our business that sets us apart from the competition and helps build consumer confidence in us. Our skilled employees, unique client relationships and strong work ethic set us apart from other lawyers and advocates in the industry. Sophie began her legal career at several law firms in Melbourne after completing an Advanced Diploma in Commerce (Legal Practice). Ensuring our clients get the best result is our top priority. Property in New South Wales can be frustrating and if no experienced developer is used, it takes time. We ensure that the entire transfer process is quick and easy. Our team at Sydney Conveyancers takes care of all the legal requirements and with our experience, the process is fast.

This saves you time and money. Nicholas is a partner at Commercial & Legal and specializes in dispute resolution and litigation. He has practised extensively in the conduct of complex disputes in South Australia. Nicholas has extensive experience in commercial, residential and infrastructure project litigation, including all aspects of expert determination and adjudication (payment security). He has worked for individuals, corporations and insurers in complex state and federal court proceedings. Melissa is part of our real estate team. Prior to joining Commercial & Legal, Melissa worked at other private law firms and a broadcasting company. “I use TNS and its team for all the legal needs of my business.

The advice is always provided with a well-founded view of the whole situation and has always led to positive results. Marton is a lawyer in Commercial & Legal`s Property team.