Are a voice recording and baptism that he recognizes to the child considered proof of paternity? [1] In this article, I described the steps you can take against your husband. The problem, as you may know, is that it does not currently fall under the jurisdiction of the Philippine courts. Your husband`s failure to provide adequate financial assistance is a criminal offense that qualifies as “economic abuse” under Republic Act No. 9262 of 2004 against Violence Against Women and Their Children. Please read my RA 9262 messages (look for links in the sidebar). You can ask for help from the government agencies (DSWD, NBI, etc.) I listed in the sidebar. [2] I assume you married after August 1988, when the Family Code came into force. If you and your husband didn`t agree on some kind of property BEFORE you got married, then automatically the absolute community of ownership (ACP) system became the default system between you. Please read Articles 88 to 104 of the Family Code, which deal with ACP countries. Any property that you and your husband acquired during your marriage is considered community property, even if, for example, it is only in your husband`s name. This means that when it comes to the house in a “neat subdivision”, you have the right, as a co-owner, to decide what to do with it.

You are obliged to provide for your child. The amount depends on the needs of the child and the father`s income, which only the court can decide. If you and the father can`t reach an agreement, a child support application can be filed in court to force the father to provide. Hi hello! My husband is a police officer, I found out he had 2 children with another woman, so I left home, but before I knew it, I also experienced the same dilemma of being verbally and psychologically abused. Now I try to reach him for the support of our 2 children aged 8 and 11, our eldest 17 is with him and he does it as an excuse not to give for the 2 minors. And he kept telling me that he had a lot of salary loans and that he was the one who supported our eldest daughter`s education. I work in a call center here in Manila and I only earn $25,000 a month and my 2 kids are in Laguna. Please help me because he always refused to give for our 2 children.

Can I find out what my rights are as a mother? Thank you Atty! If the girl is currently pregnant, can he seek help, even if she has not proven that the man is the father of the baby? Gerry T. Galacio, I read the discussions on your blogspot. I hope you can also help me with RA 9262. We were abandoned by my husband. We have two children and he has not supported us with anything since he left. He always promised to support our children, but whenever our children met him to get the promised support, my children always came home with nothing from their father. We have already filed a complaint and the RTC has also issued a resolution and information accusing my husband of the crime of “violation of Article 5 paragraph (e) sub-paragraph (2) of RA 9262”. (Established between March 2008 and present) We do not have a lawyer yet.

I am so worried and confused. I just want to ask, 1. If the decision is made, what would be the usual sanctions for my husband? 2. What concrete support do my children receive from their father? (given that from March 2008 to today, he has not given any support or even asked about the condition) 3. Our two children are still studying at university and I am the one who only pays their tuition and everything they need. I have a job, but I don`t earn enough to support us all. I now have a lot of financial obligations from my friends due to our daily needs. Our water and power lines have been cut several times. What support will I receive in this case as well, since the complainants are only my two children? Thank you and God bless you! Hello! Have a nice day. I was married to an OFW who had been working for the same company in the UAE since 2009. We have 3 children aged 16, 13 and 9 who all go to school.

My husband regularly sends 20k. At first it was 25k, but when our kids grew up, it didn`t add up to 20k. We always ask him if he can add it because it is missing. Because of my situation, I was working, so I signed immediately because I lost my youngest child because no one was watching. But fortunately, he was found. Now I am afraid to work for the event to happen again. I would have liked to ask for advice on how I could apply for additional child support if my husband was not here in the Philippines? When he goes home to the Philippines, he doesn`t ask me to say goodbye to him because he said we were separated. I`m confused, I don`t know where to go. I hope you can help me. Thank you all. The law stipulates that child support is balanced between the needs of the child and the father`s income. She is also obliged to provide for every child she has.

You may be wondering how long a complete support package lasts. Hello, I have a daughter who currently lives with her mother, but unfortunately her mother has just died, but my daughter uses my last name. What can I do to bring my daughter home and under my guardianship? Since our separation, I have always supported her financially. But now that her mother is, I want my daughter back. Can you please help me? Yes. The request for assistance should also contain a reasonable basis for claiming paternity. Good evening. I wish you help for my son. I have an ex-boyfriend, we had a son, we are 7 years old, but we are not married. I am a child.

But because you don`t understand, we broke up 4 years ago. He has a boyfriend and I have a girlfriend – we have him alive. I`m here in the UAE and I`m sending the kid a little bit, but how hard it is to talk to you, and I`m always ashamed on social media and I`m told I`m not sending. We were in a shelter and I couldn`t talk to the boy. I`m fighting because you`re a child under the pressure of hard work. He also makes fun every time I go home to Pinas every year.