The company and the web portal, Internship, is founded to create a coordinated and easier access to the Danish labour market for citizens wishing to enter this.

The portal is created so that companies, trade unions and social benefit organizations in Denmark , in a simple and easy manner, can communicate directly with the citizens who wish to enter the Danish labour market by an internship, leading to a job opportunity.

In a few words – the portal is created to add value for all parties involved in Internship !

The portal is targeting all kinds of segments of the Danish labour market such as, technology, craftmanship, IT, service, horticulture and any other trades or professions that could benefit from candidates who are using Internship.

The portal is National and is divided into the different regions of Denmark, where different internship postings will be communicated to the users through social medias, making sure that it attracts the right candidate for the right intern position.

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