You can cancel your account at any time by sending an email to If you cancel your account, we will delete your information in accordance with our standard practices and privacy policy. If you cancel or delete your content on our website, no data from the law firms that received your content will be deleted or deleted. Upon termination of your account, all amounts paid and payable to law firms through our Services will become due and payable immediately, unless the law firm has made further payments with you. The obligation to maintain and repair bridges rests with the government agency or private company responsible for their operation and maintenance. Laws often prescribe warning signs on guardrails and bridge entrances to warn drivers of known hazards. Civil or criminal liability may be incurred for damage resulting from improper maintenance of a bridge. In general, however, there is no liability for damage suffered by an adjacent landowner as a result of negligence or other illegal conduct in the construction or maintenance of a bridge by a municipality or government agency, unless required by law. A structure built over a river, stream, stream, ditch, gorge or other place to facilitate passage; Including the term both arcs and abutments. Bridge Co. v.

Railroad Co., 17 Conn. 56, 42 Am. December 716; Owner of Bridges v. Land Imp. Co., 13 N.J. Eq. 511; Rusch vs. Davenport, 6 Iowa, 455; Whitall v. Gloucester County, 40 N.J. Law, 305.

A stone or wooden building built above a river, for the general lightness and benefit of travelers. Jacob. Bridges are public or private. Public bridges are those that are part of the highway, common, according to their character of bridges on foot, on horseback or by carriage, for the general public, with or without tolls. State vs. Road, 117 Ala. 203, 23 South. S07; Everett vs. Bailey, 150 Pa. 152, 24 Atl.

700; Rex vs. Bucks County, East 12, 204. A private bridge is a bridge that is generally not accessible to the public and is not part of the highway, but is reserved for the use of those who built it or their successors and licensees. Rex vs. Bucks County, East 12, 192. does not require anything more than that such structures be a means of passage in one form or another. The passage of water can be done appropriately through canals and tunnels. Arrange. If you have a dispute with our Services, we would like to resolve it before seeking a more formal dispute resolution. If you have a dispute with us, please contact us at to resolve it first. A government agency is often immune from liability for general damage to persons or property caused by the negligent construction, repair or maintenance of bridges under the theory of sovereign immunity under the law. In Hansen v.

State Dept. of Transportation, 1998 P.D. 109 (1998), plaintiff Hansen was seriously injured after driving her vehicle through an unmarked construction hole on a highway bridge. The South Dakota Supreme Court upheld a lower court`s decision to dismiss the case on the grounds that sovereign immunity prevented Hansen from suing the state Department of Transportation. Many States have amended their immunity laws to allow claims based on gross negligence; Others distinguish between ministerial (judicial) and discretionary obligations, according to which claims are admissible only for negligence in the performance of ministerial functions or functions. This website is administered by Bridge Legal Ventures, LLC (“Bridge Legal”) and provides marketing and referral services to you and various law firms (“Law Firms”). The Site is intended to provide you with information and educational material about the law and to put you in touch with law firms that may provide you with legal services appropriate to your request (the “Services”). This website is administered on behalf of a co-operative by unaffiliated sponsoring law firms (the “Law Firms”) to provide the public with an opportunity to learn more about insolvency law and to interact with insolvency lawyers. In addition to educating the public about insolvency law, we offer users the opportunity to file information about their specific insolvency case and request to be contacted by one of the sponsoring law firms to discuss their case and possibly ask them to represent them.

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