Great update. I love the way Arshi`s relationship develops. Now, I am sure that Khushi will definitely open up about his past soon. Khushi and Arnav both have intense feelings for each other and are aware of their evocative desires, but I don`t think it`s just attraction, it`s something beyond that. Khushi resists her impulses, but she does not like to close Arnav completely. There is an invisible link between them. Khushi slowly reveals his feelings. Their past is the only thing that is still unknown. Your past must be really dark. Khushi lets his guard down. Arnav is mature and serene and perfectly understands Khushi and changes his mood. Khushi will surely love soon and learn to trust.

Arnav is the ideal partner for Khushi. The two get closer and do not suppress their wishes for each other. Khushi will let go of his fears, but it`s not easy. The Arnav Khushi relationship forms well with teasing and everything. Arnav seems to be in love with Khushi. The relationship between Lavanya and NK is also good. Khushi really protects NK. NK Nani and Lavanya seem to be aware of arshi`s relationship.

I missed Arnav`s protective brother side and he is right with NK because it is also about his sister`s future and as expected things did not go well with Khushi. NK still behaves like a bachelor and now he needs to be aware of his responsibility. Khushi did not take this lightly, as she had already taken responsibility for herself. Khushi is difficult to understand, but Arnav needs a lot of patience to cope with her. Arshi`s conversation was sweet. Khushi will definitely open soon. Thank you for the Superb Update😍😘. Khushi`s past is terrible. Madhu It would be nice if you please post the next part soon. ☺️ Thank you, I thought you forgot the part where Khushi kept hurting himself.

Nice that you bring a little this part. While waiting to know all the past of Khushi in the next part. It`s never fair. Why did you stop at such a crucial part??? I am waiting to learn more about Khushi`s past. Poor girl. She had suffered a lot when she was a child. No wonder she has now become this tough woman. Hope after this night of revelation, their relationship becomes stronger. And who is this Viraj Singh??? What is his motive behind the menacing photographs??? I hope Aakash will find out soon.

Oh my God, you can`t be so cruel as to let us seriously hang to such a cruel point. I literally bit my nails in anticipation. I`m looking forward to the next part of Love the Arnav in this story. I loved the way he treats Khushi with such gentleness and care. And he`s absolutely right about NK. Khushi is to blame for his careless and irresponsible attitude. He is now married and will have a baby, but all he can think of is partying and drinking. What kind of role model will he be for his child? And Khushi must stop trying to protect and envelop him – she does more harm than good. Every person needs to have a purpose in life, while NK is happy to be a wanderer – and Khushi is happy to encourage him. If her parents were a failure as parents, she is also a failure in this role for NK.

Oh my god. This is a tragic past of Khushi. Can you update legitimate sins again, the past is always left to right❓ I used to love legitimate sins, but I think I like Yaadein and Royal Fling more now that the Khushi in licé is very strange and boring. She is too authoritarian and full of herself. Arnav is too patient with her. I feel like it`s too much now. It must take a step lower. Arnav is not her slave to keep chasing after her and following her tantrums when most of them asked for a new update of Yaadein. Previously also you gave legal sins 2 updated twice and now too.seriosly too much madhu Asha: No ASR as you told me you want her to stay here for a while, so I didn`t add her name and you can have your daughter without legal action. Khushi has a terrible past. In addition, she endured this pain, memories all by herself.

This has made her this strong Khushi who has no feelings. She saw the world with a different attitude. There is Arnav now, so she will have a good future with real relationships and loving memories. Honestly, it takes time. She was guilty and understood Arnav, so she tore up the papers. Love the update!! ❤️ Thank you sister! This Khushi is really whimsical and sometimes irritating. At first, I thought it would change, but it`s the same now. idk why, but I find that their nature and mood swings irritate poor Khushi..

– and v what terrible parents. Joe I feel bad that Khushi gave them money. She should make her suffer, I think her answer was, because the past is still there Wala question. They were wrong. ☺️ aw Brave girl indeed.. such a traumatic experience. I believe his parents arranged the abduction Alluring Excellence Dubai Loves Will Tell About HerselfDubai Escorts Services Arnav turned off the TV and watched his sons who didn`t know their surroundings. He went to an orphanage and ordered Aman to take care of his sons. I love this mobile chat between ARSHI.. What Arnav Khushi is trying to say about NK is correct.

Interesting Arnav nodded and walked with his daughter. He remembered what happened a few months ago that forced him to keep his daughter I`m Orphanage. After that, I feel like Arshi`s relationship will get stronger. Khushi was really brave to face all the difficulties alone. Can we have the next update 🙏 tomorrow. Gupta pairs are very bad. Nice OMG update ❤️, it`s so terrifying. A small child has faced so many things. It is damaged. There is still so much left. I`m glad she lets everything out, I loved this ASR patient. The moment arnav appears in relation to NK`s life is valid, Khushi cannot feed him with the spoon.

I have the impression that Khushi will soon open up about his past. Love the way things are moving forward. Arshi has come a long way. Arnav is right with NK. Khushi will certainly take care of the matter. As a protective sister, she argued. Older siblings always want the comfort of younger siblings. Khushi is therefore not wrong. But after a certain point, young people should be made aware of their responsibilities.

Nice update. Khushi will certainly deal with this issue. Nice update. Kushi will need some time to figure out the Arnav point on NK, but it was a nice and romantic update The three-inch titanium screws give a good feelThese three-inch titanium screws give the titanium water bottle a good feel for the Titanium Apple Watch Strap and the gold is made of hard gold. 💗 Titanium App Two-piece titanium oxide slots give you 3D impression of titanium a cool shave. I don`t know how much I`m going to characterize Arnav, I`ll love Tanhai, Hidden Marriage, Wedlock, Ankahee, Doli, Maze 2, love a rebellion, Kanayadan, Stranger and now this. There is always a growth of character. Something interesting. I love Arnav of all ffs. Arnav is right. ❤❤❤ For Khushi to entrust his life to him, including sharing his past, he must be very patient and say that he is very good at it. At least they are now warm in front of the family and comfortable when they are together.

Your message chat is so interesting and entertaining. Arnav is such a teasing treasure❤️that Arnav`s suggestion regarding NK is correct and I am sure that sooner or later Khushi would understand and give in. Thank you for the beautiful update Madhu Love Kavita Wadnerkar ❤️ I`m youmeto Bangalore Escórts service. I am conditioned by enticing actions that keep all the desires against me of your need for development and give the best game in every way. We give High Profile Bangalore Escórts young woman in Bangalore at Good Cost. Bangalore EscortEscort in BangaloreBest escort BangaloreEscort Girls Bangalore. I`m not releasing another lawful sins update. It`s Royal Fling`s turn and as this FF ends, I could post Royal Fling for two days in a row.